How to customize your checkout on Shopify Basic, Standard and Advanced

How to customize your checkout on any Shopify plan


Jaap Vergote


June 27, 2022

Shopify Plus comes with access to the checkout.liquid file in your theme code. This allows for extensive customization with static and dynamic elements. Some Plus brands go all out and make it their own experience, we highlighted some examples here.

But if you’re not ready for Shopify Plus, what can you change about the checkout?

1. Branding

You can decide on the colors, font, and logo among other things. It helps move away from the basic grey that’s standard for the Shopify Checkout

Shopify has a simple WYSIWYG editor in the store admin settings. Go to your store admin, Click ‘Settings’ in the bottom left corner and choose ‘Checkout and Accounts’. Here you’ll be able to go into the branding editor.

2. Customer information

Under the Store admin > Settings > Checkout and accounts you can configure what informatio you collect from customers in the checkout.

The less info, the less friction, but the basics will be required for you to ship your product and keep the customer up to date. But if you’re selling a digital product only, you can shorten the checkout experience.

3. Language

What if your customer does not speak english? Offer the full checkout flow in a different language so customers who are about to buy don’t get confused.

For Shopify Basic, Standard and Advanced this is what you can customize. Shopify Plus recently moved from a yearly commitment ($24k+/yr) to a month to month option. They want to get brands onboarded on Plus, so if you’re on the fence, we recommend you give it a try for 1-2 months. Here is an overview of the core benefits: 

  • Lower transaction fees
  • Checkout customization
  • Wholesale selling on the same store
  • Shopify Functions & Scripts, powerful back end logic for your store (stacked discounts etc)
  • Shopify Markets: you get 9 Plus stores for 9 different localizations. Powerful!

Note: If you have 1519 orders per month, you can probably move to Plus and it would pay for itself)

A deeper dive on the transaction fees and checkout customization here.

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