Candy Rack Upsell Alternatives to Consider in 2024


Chris Rausch


April 23, 2024

If you want to maximize your upselling efforts, finding the perfect upsell app for your Shopify store is essential. With a wide variety to choose from, it can be hard to make the right choice – but we’re here to help.

Candy Rack is a pre-purchase upselling and cross-selling app that focuses on simplicity and ease of use above all else. You can use it for a variety of pre-purchase and checkout offers, but it requires a separate app (and subscription) to enable upselling throughout your sales process after checkout. Plus, a lack of integrations limits its versatility.

Don’t jump at the first app that sounds “sweet” – keep reading to see what Candy Rack alternatives you should consider before making a choice.

5 Best Candy Rack Alternatives

What do you need from your upselling solution? Do you need automated solutions that support large catalogs, advanced funnel editing to create customer journeys, or subscription upsells for your membership-based business?

No matter what option you choose, your upselling app should have all the tools you need to create and present offers without creative limitation and support for all of the sales process so you have more opportunities to sell.

Here are five of the best options to consider.

#1 - UpsellPlus

UpsellPlus has just about everything you could need in an upselling app – and if it doesn’t, there’s an integration that does. From product pages to checkout and post-purchase pages, it’s your all-in-one solution.

UpsellPlus lets you automatically and manually create upsells and cross-sells for your entire catalog. It will generate offers based on real customer data and Shopify’s product recommendations API to ensure you’re making tempting offers with products customers want to buy. You can also create your own offers, including using custom logic to show specific offers when criteria like certain cart contents or subtotals are met to take full control over your upselling.

Once you’ve made offers that customers want to buy, UpsellPlus’s visual builder lets you easily customize the look and feel of your upsells and cross-sells. You can change colors, styles, text, offer formats, and the location of your offer module to find out what works best. Plus, you’ll be able to build your own post-purchase pages to tempt customers with one-click upsells.

Premium support, including dedicated slack channels and live chat, ensure any issues you run into are solved quickly and you can create the offers you want to. You can also connect integrations like subscription upsells, multi-language and currency tools, and Checkout Extensions Plus to help you build better checkout pages.

Pricing Options 

UpsellPlus provides you with a 7-day free trial on any of their plans.Plans are based on upsell revenue, ensuring you only pay when it earns you money.

  • Launch Plan: $49/mo for up to $500 monthly upsell revenue
  • Pro Plan: $119/mo for up to $3,000 monthly upsell revenue
  • Advanced Plan: $199/mo for up to $10,000 in monthly upsell revenue
  • Scale Plan: $299/mo for up to $15,000 in monthly upsell revenue
  • Further Scale and Unlimited plans are available for enterprise stores.

Features Offered  

  • Support for product, cart, cart drawer, checkout, and post-purchase pages
  • Custom logic to target offers
  • Automated offer building using product recommendation API
  • Visual builder for simple customization
  • Multi-product offers to increase conversions
  • Integrations for multiple languages and currency support
  • Integrates with Checkout Extensions Plus for checkout editing

#2 - Reconvert

Reconvert lives up to its name, specializing in post-purchase upsells and cross-sells alongside offering basic checkout functionality. You can build your own post-purchase page with one-click upsells enabled to improve conversions while adding other elements like timers, surveys, and promotional codes to your ‘thank you’ pages to re-engage customers. It also supports custom logic and rules to give you more control over who sees your offers.

Reconvert lacks product and cart page support, restricting you to checkout and post-purchase touchpoints that can limit your conversions. You’ll also have to pay a commission on all revenue your offers generate on top of your plan costs, which can add up quickly.

Pricing Options 

Reconvert offers a 30-day free trial. Paid plans are based on the number of orders your store generates, not including the 0.75% fee applied to upsell revenue. 

  • Upsell Basic: $4.99/month for up to 49 orders
  • Upsell Premium: $7.99/month for up to 99 orders
  • Upsell Premium Pro: $14.99/month for up to 199 orders
  • Higher plans can be found on their website

Features Offered

  • Custom post-purchase pages with one-click upsell support
  • Checkout and post-purchase support
  • Custom rules to display offers based on cart content
  • Funnel builder offers multiple upsells and cross-sells
  • ‘Thank you’ page loyalty and retention elements

#3 - Selleasy

Selleasy enables upselling and cross-selling before and after checkout, including offering popups before the checkout process. They aim to make it as easy as possible to upsell by using simple interfaces and automatic tools like their product recommendations. You can choose between multiple formats and styles of offers that can be placed on the cart, post-purchase, and ‘thank you’ pages. Funnels let you upsell and downsell to capture all types of interest.

Selleasy skips checkout support and focuses entirely on the pre- and post-checkout experiences, so you need an additional checkout upsell app.

Pricing Options 

Selleasy offers a 30-day free trial and a free plan for limited orders. Their plans are based on the total orders your store receives each month.

  • Free: Up to 50 monthly orders
  • Tier II: $8.99 for up to 500 monthly orders
  • Tier III $16.99 for over 500 monthly orders

Features Offered

  • Support for pre-checkout and post-checkout
  • Custom funnel builder for upsells and downsells
  • Popup offers and multiple layouts for embeds
  • Automated offer creation with product recommendations

#4 - Zipify OCU

Zipify OCU works on the product, cart, checkout, and post-purchase pages. They utilize funnel builders to create offer sequences that you create manually or with automated recommendations. You can customize your offers and post-purchase pages with their no-code builder and utilize one-click upsells after the checkout process. Zipify also includes built-in A/B testing to make it easier to refine your approach.

Zipify’s 1% fee on all upsell revenue is in addition to their existing plans, which can exponentially increase your monthly costs. Some customers have also said it’s hard to use, making a lack of dedicated support a drawback.

Pricing Options 

Zipify bases their pricing on the revenue their upsells generate. After a 30-day free trial, you can choose between these plans:

  • Tier I: $35 per month PLUS 1% of upsell revenue for up to $1,000 in revenue per month
  • Tier II: $95 per month PLUS 1% of upsell revenue for between $1,000 and $10,000 in revenue per month
  • Tier I: $295 per month PLUS 1% of upsell revenue exceeding $10,000

Features Offered

  • Support for product, cart, checkout, and post-purchase pages
  • Page builder for creating post-purchase upsells
  • Built-in AB/B testing
  • Custom progress and loyalty elements
  • Custom funnel builder

#5 - AfterSell

AfterSell prioritizes post-purchase and ‘thank you’ page upsells while offering limited cart and checkout upsell support. Their post-purchase page builder has a number of time and loyalty elements that you can use to drive sales and returning customers. Custom logic allows for better targeting of both upsells and cross-sells and split testing helps refine your strategy.

AfterSell’s checkout and cart upsells are limited, but they also require their own subscription to use, so it’s more expensive to use all three features. Plus, you’ll have to pay based on your total store’s orders, not just upsell revenue.

Pricing Options 

AfterSell offers a 30-day free trial and 3 different subscriptions.

  • Post-Purchase Plans: $7.99/month for 100 orders up to $149.99/mo for 4,000 orders, with additional orders costing $0.03 each
  • Cart Drawer Pricing: $14.99/mo for up to 50 orders up to $199.99/mo for 5,000 or more orders
  • Checkout Upsells: $99 per month, plus the same usage costs as the other subscriptions

Features Offered

  • Post-purchase, checkout, and cart upsells (sold separately)
  • Page builder with time and loyalty elements
  • Custom logic for targeting offers
  • A/B testing
  • One-click upsells

UpsellPlus vs Candy Rack: What’s the Difference?

Both UpsellPlus and Candy Rack are upselling apps for Shopify, but they don’t cover the same range of pages or the same features.

UpsellPlus includes product, cart, checkout, and post-purchase page support in a single app’s subscription, which saves you the time of learning other app interfaces and paying more for full functionality. Candy Rack only supports product, cart, and checkout pages, lacking the valuable one-click upsell functionality.

Candy Rack also lacks subscription upsells and other integration support, which limits how you can customize it to meet your needs. UpsellPlus integrates with Smartrr, Recharge, Skil, and other subscription apps alongside LangShop for translations and multi-currency support.

Finally, UpsellPlus offers dedicated support that includes onboarding assistance while Candy Rack has live chat and email support.

Get Started With UpsellPlus Today With a Free 7-Day Trial

You want a complete upselling solution to save yourself time, money, and stress. UpsellPlus ticks all the boxes, giving you an affordable all-in-one option to consider as an alternative to Candy Rack.

Not convinced yet? Download UpsellPlus today for a free 7-day trial to see how easy it is to build effective upsells.

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