From browsing to buying in a click: the magic of one-click checkout on Shopify Plus

From browsing to buying in a click: the magic of one-click checkout on Shopify Plus

Chris Rausch
August 18, 2023

Checkout keeps getting faster. From point-of-sale terminals enabling tap-to-pay to Shopify announcing more and more tools to customize your Shopify Plus checkout page, it’s clear that customers don’t want to wait around any longer than they have to.

If you want to maximize your conversions and sales, you need to speed the process up as well. Fortunately, Shopify’s latest announcements are providing a new option for stores to consider - a Shopify one-page checkout.

Keep reading to learn more about this exciting new opportunity to grow your revenue and business with a native one-click checkout option.

What is Shopify’s one-page checkout?

Also known as one-click checkout, a Shopify one-page checkout only requires one step to finalize your purchase.

Traditionally, online checkout processes consist of 3 or 4 steps: personal information, shipping, payment, and confirmation. Customers need to navigate the various steps and pages in order to complete their purchase, extending the time and effort required for you to get paid.

A one-page checkout combines all of the individual steps into one content-rich page - the only page that they’ll need to navigate through. With no additional navigation, they are able to place their order with just one click, showing why a Shopify one-page checkout is also called one-click checkout.

Why you should upgrade to a Shopify one-page checkout

Customer cart abandonment is a major issue that every online store deals with. The average cart abandonment rate is 70%, which means that you’re missing out on an incredible number of potential sales that could change your business. 

While you won’t ever secure every single cart that makes it to checkout, there’s plenty of room to improve and take advantage of the leads you’re bringing to the finish line but not converting. One way is with a one-click checkout.

When it comes to abandonment, a Shopify one-page checkout addresses two important reasons for abandonment: long checkout processes and hidden order information.

One-click checkout solves long checkout times

Approximately 18% of carts are abandoned due to a checkout process that’s too long or too complicated. You may ask for too much information, have slow load times, or have additional steps that make it harder for customers to complete their purchases.

With a one-click checkout page, you can avoid the additional navigation and load times associated with the traditional checkout process. Everything that customers need to provide to complete their purchase is available immediately, so once they enter their information, they can immediately complete the purchase.

Minimizing the checkout time helps by reducing the number of chances that customers have to abandon their carts. Every loading screen, button press, and checkout field is a chance for cart abandonment, so by minimizing the idle time spent at checkout, you keep customers engaged so that they’re more likely to complete their purchase.

Shopify one-page checkout improves order visibility

A surprising 17% of customers will also abandon their carts if their order total is not made clear and visible to them. With multi-step checkouts, things like shipping costs, final taxes and fees, and other costs can be hidden at a later step of the process. Once customers reach the end of your checkout, the cost difference can make them feel misled and cause cart abandonment.

Shopify’s one-page checkout feature will allow everything to be included on one page, allowing the order total to update when shipping addresses and shipping options are chosen so that customers can stay informed without feeling misled. There won’t be anything hiding between the steps, so the process becomes upfront and transparent - two qualities customers value when choosing who to shop with.

How to maximize your one-click checkout page

A one-page checkout for Shopify provides a great opportunity for improved conversions, but you need to implement it correctly to get the best results. Including every step of the checkout process on a single page can cause things to get cluttered, so it’s essential that you use effective conversion rate optimization strategies for one-page checkouts.

Some strategies include removing unnecessary checkout fields, styling your content with different colors that draw the eye to important fields, and adding express checkout options that further expedite the whole process.

To help make it easier for you to build a checkout that works for you, we’ve launched Checkout Extensions Plus. It helps you manage the elements of your checkout page that impact cart abandonment and conversions without any coding experience required.

How to upgrade to Shopify’s one-page checkout

If you’re ready to get started with upgrading to a one-click checkout for your Shopify Plus store, you’re not alone. However, we all have to wait a little bit longer.

The new feature was announced as part of Shopify Winter ‘23 in February. According to the official Shopify checkout page, we can expect it to become available shortly, though this message has persisted for months. Fortunately, Shopify Plus merchants may not have to wait as long. 

When the checkout upgrade Checkout Extensibility was rolled out last year, Shopify Plus stores were the first to receive access. It’s possible that the same will be true for Shopify’s one-page checkout feature, though nothing has been confirmed.

Looking for the fastest access to cutting-edge features from Shopify and the lowest Shopify fees? Use our Shopify Plus calculator to see if you can save money and potentially access one-click checkout sooner.

Upgrade your existing and future checkouts with Checkout Extensions Plus

One-page checkout for Shopify is going to be a great option for businesses to use for improving conversions and minimizing cart abandonment. Until then, you should focus on making the most of your traditional checkout page with Checkout Extensions Plus.

With it, you can easily make changes to the look, feel, function, and style of your page by leveraging the branding API and native customization features provided by the Checkout Extensibility upgrade. Plus, it’ll help you create the ideal one-click checkout page once the feature is released to the public.

Get started customizing your checkout now - and prepare for the future - with a free 7-day trial of Checkout Extensions Plus.

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