Simplify your sales: implementing a one-page checkout strategy

Simplify your sales: implementing a one-page checkout strategy

Chris Rausch
May 15, 2023

Simplify Your Sales: Implementing A One-Page Checkout Strategy you need an efficient, effective, and enjoyable checkout experience if you want your customers to convert at a higher rate for more sales.

If you’re looking for a way to improve your new or existing checkout process for more conversions, increased revenue, and improved customer satisfaction, a Shopify one-page checkout may be for you.

In this article, we’ll show you how to make a one-page checkout in Shopify work for you.

What is a one-page checkout in Shopify?

what is shopify one page checkout

A one-page checkout is a compact, streamlined, and effective checkout process where everything required to checkout is provided on a single screen. Rather than requiring customers to navigate through multiple pages and wait to see what’s on the next step, it fully presents all the fields they’re expected to complete and information like shipping rates and delivery dates, payment methods, and more.

By creating a single interface for customers to complete the entirety of checkout in one place, it lowers the chances of abandoned carts and improves conversion rates so that your business can enjoy more revenue.

You’ve likely seen a one-page checkout on sites like Amazon which provide comprehensive information from a single screen - and if Amazon uses it, so should you.

How to make a one-page checkout in Shopify

A Shopify one-page checkout has a lot of potential benefits, but it’s not so simple to implement by yourself.

Unfortunately, Shopify doesn’t currently support one-page checkout processes. However, in the near future, you’ll be able to have a native one-page checkout thanks to the Winter 2023 update coming from Shopify.

For now, you’ll need to rely on apps or custom coding through your existing checkout.liquid or Checkout Extensibility frameworks. Be sure to work with a developer to prevent problems from arising and always test your checkout process before putting it live on your site to avoid lost sales.

Strategies for creating an effective Shopify one-page checkout

While Shopify one-page checkout processes can be an incredibly effective strategy for your store, they need to be done correctly to ensure you achieve the best results.

Here are 5 strategies you should implement on your one-page checkout for Shopify.

Minimize clutter

While having all of the checkout elements on your one-page checkout is a positive for speeding up the process and improving conversions, it also makes it easy to overwhelm customers. There’s a lot of information that you need to collect and present, so if it’s not organized effectively, you risk pushing customers away.

To help minimize clutter on your Shopify one-page checkout process, consider your form fields and page elements carefully. Depending on your type of business, you may not need all of the information that Shopify asks for as part of their default checkout page. As a result, you’re able to cut down on the number of fields you include and de-clutter the user experience. For example, if you’re selling digital goods you can remove the shipping address and shipping methods from the page so that everything else is more visible and the page is less overwhelming as a whole.

Highlight important elements

important elements of one page checkout in shopify

Similar to the risk of a cluttered page, one-page checkouts in Shopify can make it easy for your most important elements to get lost, slowing down the checkout process and potentially reducing your conversion rates.

When implementing a one-page checkout in Shopify, it’s essential to use styling to highlight the important elements of your checkout page that can’t be missed. The checkout or order buttons are the most important, but order details, payment options, and upsell or cross-sell offers are other elements you will want to help stand out by using accent colors or organizing them clearly.

Instill urgency

Are you using conversion rate optimization strategies in your checkout process? If not, you’re missing out on an effective sales tool that complements one-page checkout exceptionally well. 

The primary benefit of using a one-page checkout in Shopify is that it speeds up the checkout process, preventing customers from having too much downtime to change their mind about a purchase. You can further improve the effectiveness of your page by instilling urgency through time-sensitive and exclusive language and elements that encourage customers to move as quickly as possible through the checkout process. 

Countdown timers or “low stock” notifications are a few simple ways to prevent second-guessing and get customers to commit to a purchase now so that you don’t have to recover their cart later.

Optimize page speed

Nobody likes waiting around to complete their purchase and move on with their day. If your checkout is slow, you risk customers leaving and finding someone else to buy from.

A one-page checkout for Shopify helps to prevent customers from navigating through pages, but it can also make your single page slower due to the number of elements on it. To combat this, consider adding apps to help optimize your site and checkout page to keep load times low so that the benefits of a one-page checkout can be fully in effect.

Add upsells and cross-sells

upsells and cross sells shopify one page checkout

With all the effort you’re going through to create a one-page checkout in Shopify, you’ll also want to increase the positive effects by growing your average order values.

Upsells and cross-sells are simple, effective, and low-risk ways of making each conversion a little bit more valuable. With custom-tailored offers from the right upsell app for Shopify, you’ll be able to take advantage of improved conversion rates for increased revenue without interfering with your other conversion rate optimization efforts.

Upgrade your checkout strategy with UpsellPlus

Now that you know how to make a one-page checkout for Shopify work for you, get the upsell and cross-sell app that helps you take advantage of the benefits it provides.

UpsellPlus is a user-friendly and effective app that allows you to build your own or get help with creating offers that convert. You can create offer flows that use logic to ensure all offers are relevant and place your offers in high-converting areas of your Shopify one-page checkout to achieve the best results. Plus, advanced data and testing tools make it easy to refine your strategy to increase conversions.

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