Checkout Extensibility opens new ways to customize checkouts on Shopify

Checkout Extensibility opens new ways to customize checkouts on Shopify

Chris Rausch
April 23, 2023

Shopify is an exceptional tool for online businesses to sell their products and services. They work to make it as foolproof as possible for you to create a store and be able to sell products with little customization or technical knowledge required. However, if you want to give your online store the best chance of succeeding, you need to customize your website.

Customizing your website helps to increase sales by improving your conversion rate. But it’s more than just making the landing and product pages look good - you also need to solidify your checkout’s performance for the best results.

Fortunately, Shopify’s Checkout Extensibility lets you add, remove, and change many aspects of your checkout page so that you can build one that complements your business. 

The importance of customizing your Shopify checkout

customer checking out on custom checkout

Shopify’s checkout page is efficient, simple, and effective, but it’s not perfect.

There are a lot of elements that make your store unique. Branding, products, services, customer service, and customer experiences are all essential parts of your business’s selling points and contribute to converting leads into customers.

With the default Shopify checkout, your checkout won’t be the best it can be - you need to customize your checkout for your business.

All businesses are unique. Your specific needs will vary from everyone else, so you need to be able to achieve the look and functionality necessary for your business to thrive. Plus, uniformity in your branding throughout the entire sales process helps to build trust, helping you to convert more customers.

When you customize your Shopify checkout, you’re able to optimize the user experience, increase conversions, grow revenue, increase your store’s average order value, and make sure that your business is making a good impression on customers so that they’re more likely to come back.

Fortunately, Checkout Extensibility makes it easier than ever to make the customizations that your Shopify store needs to succeed and grow.

How Checkout Extensibility changes Shopify custom checkout

Checkout Extensibility is the successor to the long-standing Shopify Checkout that uses checkout.liquid for customizations to the checkout process. By editing the checkout.liquid theme file, you could make changes to the elements, design, and style of your store’s checkout - as long as you have coding experience. Without it, most customizations aren’t feasible which increases development costs and extends timelines.

Checkout Extensibility lowers the barrier of entry for customizing your Shopify checkout so that anyone can do it. It’s app-based so that you can easily add your favorite Shopify checkout app extensions to achieve your desired function and upgrade-safe so that you can be sure the most important part of your store won’t break. Plus, many small changes can be completed with no previous knowledge thanks to a simple interface for customizing checkout elements like colors, font, style, and more.

While you can implement custom coding and functions with Shopify Functions, you won’t need to have coding experience to make changes like changing branding, styling the page, adding or removing elements, implementing upsell apps, or any other customization. This is achieved thanks to Shopify checkout app extensions that span most functions your store may require.

How to use Shopify checkout app extensions to increase revenue

increase revenue with shopify checkout app extensions

Shopify checkout app extensions are the basis of Checkout Extensibility. They allow you to add any functionality or make any change to your store - as long as you have the app created or find it on the marketplace.

Some Shopify custom checkout features are essential for operating your business, such as adding scheduling capabilities for time-sensitive services like home cleanings or flower deliveries. Others can help to improve your conversion rate at checkout, such as changing the form fields for a digital goods business so that the checkout process takes less time or adding a clock to checkout to instill FOMO into potential customers. 

But most importantly, Checkout Extensibility makes it easy for you to add a Shopify upsell app at checkout so that you can grow revenue and increase AOV in your store.

Using a Shopify upsell app Checkout Extension

With a Shopify upsell app, you can create offers for your customers that add value for them while increasing revenue for you. Both upsells and cross-sells are an essential part of any sales strategy because they’re non-invasive, effective, and allow your business to do so much more with the revenue they create.

Upselling is when you offer potential upgrades, customizations, or add-ons for a product in your customer’s cart so that they spend more on your site. Cross-selling is similar, but instead of offering upgrades, you offer complementary products that provide a more complete shopping experience. 

Upselling and cross-selling help to improve the customer experience by allowing them to get more for less while also increasing the average order value on your site. With a higher AOV, you’ll be able to spend more money on advertising to grow your business organically, get stock in bulk to help minimize costs and increase margins, and hire staff to improve customer service to facilitate your growth.

UpsellPlus: the Shopify checkout app extension you need

upsellplus shopify checkout extensions

Now that you know how easy it is to add apps to your Shopify customer checkout with Checkout Extensibility and the importance of using a Shopify upsell app at checkout, it’s time to start customizing your checkout. More revenue, increased AOV, and higher customer satisfaction are game changers when it comes to owning a successful business - and UpsellPlus with Checkout Extensibility makes it easier than ever.

UpsellPlus, which works for both checkout.liquid and Checkout Extensibility, is an all-in-one upselling and cross-selling app that helps you build, implement, and refine your offers so that you can achieve maximum profitability in your Shopify store. You can take advantage of ShopBrain, the app’s algorithm, to find effective recommendations to make to customers based on real-time data and analytics while using A/B testing to figure out which elements of your offers are working better.

UpsellPlus also allows you to add your upsell and cross-sell offers to the cart, checkout page, and post-purchase pages so that you have a chance at growing revenue at every crucial stage of the checkout process. Plus, conditional logic on your offers lets you tailor the upsell or cross-sell to the customer’s cart or create flows that make sense and are more likely to convert.

Best of all it’s free to get started, so try UpsellPlus today.

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