Best In Cart Upsell and Cross Sell Alternatives for Shopify


Chris Rausch


March 6, 2024

If you want to grow your revenue by as much as 30% with upselling, you need a tool that lets you target each step of the sales process from cart to “thank you” page.

Some tools can do it all, making it easy to learn a single app and add any upsells or cross-sells you want to. Others are built specifically for one or two pages, forcing you to add more apps if you want to upsell on other steps.

You may have come across In Cart Upsell and Cross Sell, a well-known upsell app for Shopify.

This pre-purchase-focused tool lets you engage customers on your product and cart pages with upsells and cross-sells that convince them to add another product to their cart or upgrade their current order.

However, In Cart Upsell and Cross Sell doesn’t let you add your upsell offers to the checkout, post-purchase, or “thank you” pages. 

You’ll need to combine it with another upsell and cross-sell app to build a comprehensive strategy, which isn’t usually cost-effective.

Whether you’re looking for more features or are just getting started with upselling, consider these five In Cart Upsell and Cross Sell Alternatives.

5 Best In Cart Upsell and Cross Sell Alternatives in 2024

Choosing the right upsell app for Shopify can make or break your upselling success. 

Your app should be simple enough for anyone to use but versatile enough to let you get creative when building your offers with custom logic, product recommendations, and different styles to tempt your customers.

It should also be full-featured so you can target every step of the sales process from the cart to the “thank you” page without letting any customers fall through the cracks and provide you with the insight you need to optimize your strategy even further.

If In Cart Upsell and Cross Sell doesn’t seem to check all your boxes, give these five upsell alternatives a try.

#1 - UpsellPlus

UpsellPlus is the only upsell and cross-sell app for Shopify that you need to build a comprehensive upselling strategy. 

As an all-in-one upselling app for Shopify, you can create offer flows that place your offers on each page throughout the buyer’s journey to maximize visibility without switching apps. 

In addition to being a market leader in checkout upsells, UpsellPlus also supports:

  • Cart Page Upsells
  • Cart-Drawer Upsells
  • Multiple Post-Purchase Offers

Plus, you don’t have to juggle multiple apps or pay individual subscriptions for every essential upselling feature.

With UpsellPlus, you can build upsells and cross-sells that are designed to engage and convert your audience. 

Upsell offers can be crafted manually using a simple interface or with the help of one of two automations. ShopBrain, an algorithm that uses customer behavior data to create offers based on cart contents, allows you to easily scale your offers throughout larger catalogs. Autopilot mode creates offers from a specific collection of items that you want to use in upsells and cross-sells. Both save you the time of building different combinations and ensure your in-cart, checkout, and post-purchase offers are always relevant to help improve conversions and drive more sales.

The visual builder gives you control over the look and feel of your upsell offer modules, while the conditional logic features let you control which products are shown and when to ensure they’re always relevant for more successful upsells.

UpsellPlus is also flexible, working with important language and currency integrations to support an international audience and scaling with your business as it grows to maintain performance, as well as Checkout Extensions to enable truly custom checkouts for Shopify Plus stores. 

UpsellPlus even allows you to upsell subscriptions to one-off purchases across the entire sales funnel. Turn your one-and-done customers into reliable recurring revenue. 

As an official Shopify Plus partner, you can rest assured that you’ll always have access to the most current tools and features, like one-page checkout, as Shopify continues to expand its checkout process features through advancements like Checkout Extensibility.

Finally, if you run into any issues with getting started or building offers, UpsellPlus’s 5-star customer service is available via email, live chat, or a dedicated slack to minimize obstacles in getting your upselling campaign set up.

Pricing Options 

UpsellPlus plans begin with a 7-day free trial. Subscriptions are based on the amount of revenue generated by the app – not the store as a whole.

  • Launch Plan: $49/mo for up to $500 monthly upsell revenue
  • Pro Plan: $119/mo for up to $3,000 monthly upsell revenue
  • Advanced Plan: $199/mo for up to $10,000 in monthly upsell revenue
  • Scale Plan: $299/mo for up to $15,000 in monthly upsell revenue
  • Additional Scale and Unlimited plans are available for enterprise stores.

Features Offered  

  • Support for all steps of the sales process from cart to post-purchase
  • Conditional logic to help target offers effectively
  • Subscription upsell integrations to maximize your AOV growth
  • Customer data-based AI recommendations to help you build offers faster
  • Advanced data and reports to help refine your upselling strategy
  • Multi-language and multi-currency integrations that help you scale

What Customers Say

Customers love the cost-effective, all-inclusive subscription plans that provide all of the tools needed to build an upselling strategy. Customer support times and helpfulness are two highlights of customer reviews, alongside a simple interface that allows even non-tech-savvy store owners to start upselling.

  • “Great app for checkout and post purchase upsells. Works very well and doesn't bloat the storefront. We were able to generate thousands of dollars of extra revenue thanks to this app.”
  • “Best app for checkout upsells! Wow, and the support is great as well. It's converting at 8% so far in a few weeks of use. Improvements are happening often as well. The app creator understands upselling.”

#2 - Rebuy

Rebuy is an upselling and cross-selling app that works on your cart drawer, cart page, checkout page, and post-purchase page. You can build offer funnels with a visual builder that gives you control over how your upsell offers are presented and integrate multiple upsells so you can improve your chances of a successful upsell. 

Rebuy provides tools for customizing your offer modules without coding and gives you the ability to use custom logic to show relevant offers. It’s also compatible with one-click upsells on the post-purchase pages to help encourage impulse buys, along with the page builder tools they include to help you highlight your offer modules.

While Rebuy is advanced and provides a number of features, it can get too complicated for some store owners to use without being tech-savvy. It can also be more expensive for larger stores that generate a lot of upsell revenue because they don’t offer an unlimited-use plan.

Pricing Options 

Rebuy offers a 21-day free trial and five plans that are based on your upsell revenue or total monthly orders.

  • Starter: $99/mo up to $4,000 in upsell revenue or 1,000 orders
  • Scale: $249/mo up to $10,000 in upsell revenue or 2,500 orders
  • Pro: $499/mo up to $20,000 in upsell revenue or 5,000 orders
  • Grow: $749/mo up to $30,000 in upsell revenue or 7,500 orders
  • Enterprise: $999/mo up to $40,000 in upsell revenue, and $249 more per additional $10,000 in revenue

Features Offered

  • Cart, checkout, and post-purchase upsells
  • Funnel builder to offer multiple upsells consecutively
  • Popup upsells and cross-sells
  • Data-powered product recommendations
  • Page builder with time elements to encourage impulse buys

#3 - iCart

iCart is an upselling app that tries to give you as much control over your cart upsells and cross-sells as possible. You can add them to a popup cart, cart drawer, or cart page to maximize visibility along with adding conversion elements like a progress bar, free shipping requirement, loyalty elements, and more. You can create volume discounts, BOGO deals, cart-based discounts, and use custom logic to control when an offer is shown.

With all of their focus on providing the best cart experience possible, iCart doesn’t offer checkout or post-purchase upsells. They aren’t an all-in-one upselling app for Shopify and will need to be combined with another app or two for comprehensive upselling coverage. iCart also lacks an AI assistant to simplify offer creation, which can make it hard for stores with large catalogs to offer a wide range of offer combinations without a major time investment.

Pricing Options 

iCart offers a 14-day free trial as well as paid plans that are based on your store’s orders, not just orders with an upsell.

  • 0-50 monthly orders - $12.99/mo
  • 51-100 monthly orders - $19.99/mo
  • 101-200 monthly orders - $29.99/mo
  • 201-500 monthly orders - $49.99/mo
  • Additional plans are available up to 2,000 orders per month, or you can choose the unlimited plan

Features Offered

  • Cart drawer, cart page, popup carts, and slide cart upsell support
  • Progress elements for free gifts and shipping
  • Loyalty elements that can be added to upsell pages
  • Drag & drop builder to add upsells and other elements
  • Customizable funnels
  • Bundling, volume discounts, BOGO, and custom discounts offers

#4 - Honeycomb Upsell & Cross Sell

Honeycomb enables upselling in a wide range of locations throughout your site, including cart, checkout, post-purchase, and even blog pages. You create funnels that can include upsells, downsells, cross-sells, free gifts, virtual products, and more. You can also build your upsell or cross-sell offers manually or with their AI-assisted recommendations to save time and ensure each offer is relevant.

However, Honeycomb’s pricing model is based on funnel views, not sales or revenue generated by the app. As a result, upsell offers that are performing poorly can end up costing you more than you expect as your funnel views rise.

Pricing Options 

Honeycomb offers a 7-day free trial and a free plan alongside pricing that is based on the number of views your funnels receive:

  • Free: up to 100 views/mo with their branding attached to the funnels
  • Silver: $49.99/mo for up to 2,000 views and no branding
  • Gold: $99.99/mo for up to 5,000 views
  • Platinum: $149.99/mo for up to 10,000 views

Features Offered

  • Upselling on the cart, checkout, post-purchase, “thank you” pages, and blogs
  • One-click upsells for post-purchase funnels
  • Visual builder for simple branding and customization
  • Automatic upsell offer creation using AI

#5 - AfterSell

AfterSell is an upselling and cross-selling app that emphasizes post-purchase upsells, but supports the cart drawer along with checkout, post-purchase, and “thank you” pages. It provides you with the customization and page-building tools you need to both create offers and make engaging pages that highlight them. For carts, AftersSell adds upsell offers to the bottom of the cart drawer and provides other elements like timers or progress bars for the top of the drawer to make it more engaging.

AfterSell has AI recommendations that you can use to create upsells and cross-sells, as well as custom rules that let you control their visibility so that you’re only offering relevant products. There are also A/B testing features that collect data to help you figure out how to best present your offers for the highest acceptance rate possible.

AfterSell’s pricing is one of the major complaints that customers have. If you want all of the functionality we mentioned above, you’ll have to pay three separate subscriptions that can add up.

Pricing Features

AfterSell offers a 30-day free trial for their post-purchase and checkout subscriptions, but only 7 days for their cart drawer app, UpCart. Plans are based on the number of sales your store has each month in total – not just upsells.

Post-purchase and cart drawer upselling are each:

  • $7.99 for up to 100 orders per month
  • $14.99 for up to 200 orders per month
  • $29.99 for up to 500 orders per month
  • $54.99 for up to 1,000 orders per month
  • Additional plans are available for higher totals, up to 30,000 monthly sales

Checkout upselling costs $99 per month plus the above usage costs, and is only for Shopify Plus.

Features Offered

  • Works with cart, checkout, and post-purchase pages
  • No-code builder for checkout and post-purchase page creation
  • Custom rules to improve targeting and upsell offer relevance
  • One-click upsells on post-purchase and “thank you” pages
  • A/B testing for insight into what’s working

Get Started With UpsellPlus Today With a Free 7-Day Trial

UpsellPlus is more than just the market leader in checkout upsells for Shopify. It enables upsells and cross-sells on every step of the sales process, from cart drawers to post-purchase pages, giving you more opportunities to engage your customers and have them accept your offer. It’s also all-inclusive, meaning you won’t have surprise bills or have to use multiple apps to target your customers.

Start your risk-free, 7-day free trial today so you can see why hundreds of store owners trust UpsellPlus.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the limitations of In Cart Upsell and Cross Sell?

In Cart Upsell and Cross Sell markets itself as a pre-purchase upselling app that targets customers early in the buying process to try to build more expensive carts before they reach checkout. It has a number of different product and cart-based offer modules that give you the opportunity to be creative with how you present your upsells and cross-sells, but its capabilities stop there.

In Cart doesn’t support checkout upsells, post-purchase upsells, or “thank you” page upsells. These three additional pages represent countless additional opportunities to convert on an upsell or cross-sell offer.

Checkout is a decision-making stage where your customers are considering the value for their purchase, so it’s the perfect place to sweeten the deal with an upsell or cross-sell offer. Post-purchase and “thank you” pages are also crucial to your upselling strategy because they appear after the order has already been completed, creating a risk-free opportunity to grow your AOV, and enable one-click upsells for higher conversion rates.

So, if you’re avoiding the second half of the sales process in your upselling strategy, you’re limiting the revenue you could be making.

What separates UpsellPlus from other upsell apps?

UpsellPlus is a simple app that anyone can use. It has all of the features you need to sell more across your entire sales funnel in a single plan that is backed by a highly regarded customer support team. Our support specialists are available to help you get you set up with our code-free, easy-to-use interface, including onboarding assistance for enterprise stores.

UpsellPlus enables upselling throughout the sales process with customization and personalization tools that allow you to maintain brand consistency, improve your conversion rate, and sell more. You can use these tools to create engaging upsell offer modules and test them in different positions at checkout and on the post-purchase pages to find which placements generate more sales.

You also have full control over your offers with UpsellPlus thanks to the ShopBrain algorithm that uses customer behavior data to build upsell offers automatically and the custom logic feature that you can use to trigger a specific offer to be shown when it’s most likely to succeed.

Finally, UpsellPlus is an official Shopify Plus partner that stays on the cutting edge of innovations within Shopify to ensure you’re always able to take advantage of new features as they become available. For example, we were one of the first Checkout Extensibility-enabled upselling apps that supported the next generation of Shopify Checkout.

How to get started with UpsellPlus

UpsellPlus makes it easy to grow your AOV and generate more income. A 7-day free trial gives you the chance to see just how easy and effective it is firsthand. If you get lost, customer support is there to guide you in the right direction.

Stop wasting money on marketing to increase your revenue. Use UpsellPlus to increase your Shopify store’s AOV and get more out of your existing audience. 

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