LimeSpot Personalizer alternatives to consider in 2024

LimeSpot Personalizer alternatives to consider in 2024

Chris Rausch
May 18, 2024

You know by now that upselling and cross-selling are essential tools for maximizing revenue and growing AOV. BOGO, bundles, subscriptions, and other offers are easy ways to sell more products—as long as you choose an upselling app that lets you create this value for your customers.

But is LimeSpot Personalizer that app?

LimeSpot Personalizer has been around for many years, offering upselling tools for cart and post-purchase pages. However, much of their overall product focuses on personalization throughout the sales process, including sending SMS and email product recommendations instead of upselling. It’s also one of the most expensive subscriptions if you want the entirety of their features at 2% of upsell revenue, which doesn’t scale well for enterprise stores.

If you’re having trouble committing to giving up twice the standard portion of your upselling revenue, consider these LimeSpot Personalizer alternatives, which may give you more bang for your buck.

5 best LimeSpot Personalizer alternatives

Finding a complete, cost-effective, and user-friendly app is essential for successfully upselling. Some apps gatekeep their features behind higher pricing plans, lack support for the entire sales process, or limit how creative you can be with your offer creation and design. With these options, you’ll always end up paying more or earning less.

You need one app that does everything well, integrates with other services to fill in the gaps, and doesn’t take away your hard-earned upselling revenue. Fortunately, we have a few apps that can work well as a LimeSpot Personalizer alternative.

#1 - UpsellPlus

UpsellPlus is built for upselling, offering coverage for all steps of the sales process. You can add cross-sells to your product pages, add multiple offers to your cart drawer, include product recommendations on the cart page, build checkout upsells and cross-sells that you can position anywhere on the checkout page, and design post-purchase offer pages. With touchpoints at every step, you’re able to engage customers with different offer types until you find one that works.

The code-free page builder makes it simple to change colors, styling, and formatting for your upsell offer modules and widgets so they fit seamlessly into your sales flow. You can choose to display your offers in carousels or in stacked boxes, depending on the type of device customers are using, and add multiple offers on a single page. 

Custom logic lets you create offer flows that are dependent on whether the previous offer is accepted and target customers based on their cart contents, order history, location, and other key data to help you make offers that they apply to them. You can also use AI recommendations to help you build cross-sells that are proven to work in your store to give yourself the best chance to convert on your offers.

UpsellPlus extends even further with integrations like Checkout Extensions Plus which allow you to customize your checkout page, Skio or Seal for upselling to subscriptions to lock in more revenue, and LangShop that allows your store to scale internationally with multi-language support.

Finally, UpsellPlus’s 5-star customer support ensures you get the most out of your subscription at all times.

Pricing options 

UpsellPlus offers a 7-day free trial on all plans through the App Store, which lets you try out the robust feature set for yourself before committing. Paid plans are based on the revenue you generate from upsells instead of views or store sales, so you’ll only pay extra if your upselling is successful.

  • Launch Plan: $49/mo for up to $500 in monthly upsell revenue
  • Pro Plan: $119/mo for up to $3,000 in monthly upsell revenue
  • Advanced Plan: $199/mo for up to $10,000 in monthly upsell revenue
  • Scale Plan: $299/mo for up to $15,000 in monthly upsell revenue
  • Additional Scale and Unlimited plans are available for enterprise stores.

Features offered  

  • Upselling and cross-selling at every sales stage
  • Code-free page builder with live previews
  • Custom logic controls to target your offers more effectively
  • AI offer creation with real customer sales data
  • Multiple positions and formats for your offer modules
  • One-click upsells on post-purchase and ‘thank you’ pages
  • Support for multiple languages, currencies, and high levels of traffic

#2 - ReConvert

ReConvert is an upselling app that focuses primarily on the post-purchase and ‘thank you’ pages, though they also support basic checkout functionality. They give you the tools to build custom post-purchase pages to help you convert more offers, as well as include elements like timers, newsletter signup forms, discount codes, and social media links to make “boring” pages have more value. You can reach specific audiences by targeting your offers based on cart information and creating custom funnels that adapt to how customers react to your first offer so you engage them at more touchpoints.

But, as a post-purchase-focused upselling app, ReConvert lacks about a third of the upselling coverage you need for a complete strategy. Your plan will also scale based on your total monthly orders, regardless of if your upsells are working and adds on a 0.75% fee to all upselling revenue you generate, which can start to add up when combined with their pricing plans.

Pricing options 

ReConvert offers a 30-day free trial and plans that are based on your total monthly orders.

  • Upsell Basic: $4.99/mo for up to 49 orders, plus 0.75% of upsell revenue
  • Upsell Premium: $7.99/mo for up to 99 orders, plus 0.75% of upsell revenue
  • Upsell Premium Pro: $14.99/mo for up to 199 orders, plus 0.75% of upsell revenue
  • Additional plans are available for higher order totals, but they also come with a 0.75% fee.

Features offered

  • Support for checkout, post-purchase, and ‘thank you’ pages
  • Post-purchase page builder with loyalty and retention elements
  • Funnel builder to create offer flows
  • Segmentation and targeting for offers
  • One-click upsells on post-purchase pages

#3 - AfterSell

AfterSell works across the later stages of the sales process, supporting cart, checkout, and post-purchase pages with customizable upsells and cross-sells. They specialize in post-purchase upselling that takes advantage of the various elements they include for these pages, including one-click upsells, loyalty elements, timers and countdowns, funnels, and network offers to add another form of revenue. Cart drawers can also add free product motivators.

They allow you to target your offers based on customer history, cart contents, language, cart total, and other information that helps segment your audience so you’re showing more relevant offers. AI-assisted offer creation also helps you show offers that are relevant without taking the time to craft them all by hand.

AfterSell’s biggest flaw is its pricing model, which requires you to unlock post-purchase, checkout, and cart drawer support separately for rates similar to complete upselling solutions that include all three—and more. Plus, cart drawer support requires a separate app, UpCart, to be installed.

Pricing options 

AfterSell offers a 30-day free trial for post-purchase and checkout upselling but 14 days for UpCart. All plans are based on the total monthly orders.

  • Post-purchase and cart drawer plans each cost the following:some text
    • $7.99 for up to 100 orders
    • $54.99 for up to 1,000 orders
    • $149.99 for 4,000 orders
  • Checkout upsells are $99, plus the above pricing for usage.

Features offered

  • Cart drawer, checkout, and post-purchase support
  • Visual editor that includes trust, loyalty, and timer elements
  • Targeting rules and segmentation options
  • Network offers and subscription upsells
  • In-depth reporting and A/B testing

#4 - Zipify OCU

Zipify OCU works for all steps of the upselling process, including product, cart, checkout, and post-purchase pages. They let you build offer funnels that you can customize with custom discounts, specific products, and sequences of different offers to cover as many bases as possible. You can also add free item thresholds, enable one-click upsells, and allow custom bundles so customers can save more money. Their offers even include A/B testing to help you find what’s working best without poring over overall analytics.

One of Zipify’s cons is its plan pricing, which requires you to commit to a Shopify Plus plan if you want high-level support and complete functionality, which gets more expensive than its other plans. However, their base plans also include a 1% fee that applies to all upsell revenue, which can easily double the cost of their plans – or more.

Pricing options 

Zipify offers 30 days for free with paid plans that charge based on your upselling revenue.

  • Tier 1: $35/mo +1% of upsell revenue, up to $1,000
  • Tier 2: $95/mo +1% of upsell revenue, with totals between $1,000 and $10,000
  • Tier 1: $295/mo +1% of upsell revenue that exceeds $10,000 total each month

Features offered

  • Product, cart, checkout, and post-purchase support
  • Funnel builder
  • Built-in A/B testing
  • One-click upsells
  • Free item milestones

#5 - Cart X

Cart X helps you add post-checkout upselling to your store with one-click upsells on the post-purchase and ‘thank you’ pages. It lets you build funnels that use recommended products for cross-sells while you add upsell offers that make sense for your customers, like upgrades or warranty additions. You can also create pop-up upsells that appear before checkout and capture customers’ attention. The drag-and-drop page builder makes it easy to design the offer pages and modules and can be used on any upselling page to make your offer stand out more.

Cart X doesn’t offer native product, cart, or checkout upsells, so you’ll need another app to fully cover the sales process. It also charges based on total orders, not upsells, which can eat into your revenue if your offers aren’t converting.

Pricing options

After a 30-day free trial, Cart X provides paid plans that are based on your total monthly orders, not upsells.

  • Pricing ranges from $9.99 per month for up to 100 orders to $149.99 for up to 4,000 orders, with each additional order past 4,000 costing an additional $0.03, regardless of if it includes an upsell.

Features offered

  • Popup, post-purchase, and ‘thank you’ page upsells
  • One-click upsells after checkout
  • Page builder for offer pages and popups
  • Countdowns and other elements to include on your offers

UpsellPlus vs LimeSpot Personalizer: what’s the difference?

UpsellPlus and LimeSpot Personalizer feature tools to help you upsell on various steps of the sales process, but only one is built specifically for upselling.

UpsellPlus features product, cart, cart drawer, checkout, and post-purchase upselling tools, including a visual builder, custom offer logic, AI-recommended product offers, subscription integrations, and many more features. Its entire purpose is to enable effective upsells and cross-sells on your Shopify store so you can generate more revenue from your existing customers – and it does so at a flat rate with all tools and features included.

LimeSpot Personalizer is a multi-functional app that features upselling, but it’s not its primary focus. It only supports cart and post-purchase upsells. Instead, it offers tools for tailored product recommendations, segmentation features, and personalized SMS and email outreach for marketing and conversion rate optimization.

If you want standard upselling features like discounted bundling with LimeSpot, you have to get the highest subscription tier and pay for a variety of other features you may not need. There also aren’t customizable rules you can employ to control your offers. Plus, you’ll either pay for their basic plan based on your total store sales, not just upsell revenue, or fork over 2% of all upsell revenue you generate, which users have complained is incorrectly attributed to unsuccessful upsells and costs them more money.

Overall, you’re choosing between a complete upselling app and an app that offers some upselling features.

Get started with UpsellPlus today with a free 7-day trial

Upselling is too valuable to trust to a non-specialized app. You need all of the features and tools under one interface so you can create expertly crafted and effective upsells and cross-sells that generate more revenue by growing your AOV.

Luckily, UpsellPlus comes with a free 7-day trial so you can see what the difference a complete upselling app can make. Start your trial today.

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