One-Page Checkout on Shopify: The Key to Simplified Purchasing and Increased Conversions


Chris Rausch


June 15, 2023

Is your checkout process letting you down? If you’re having a hard time converting customers and are experiencing a higher number of abandoned carts, you’re in luck.

Shopify’s Winter ‘23 update from February introduced an exciting new feature coming to Shopify stores - one-page checkout. Despite Shopify banning the use of alternate checkouts in the past, this long-awaited new feature has the potential to greatly improve the Shopify checkout processes by simplifying the customer experience and improving conversion rates.

Keep reading to learn more about one-page checkout for Shopify, how the upcoming release can benefit your business, and what you can do to get your hands on it as soon as possible. 

Shopify One-Page Checkout vs. Multi-Step Checkout

Your checkout process falls into one of two categories: one-page or multi-step.

A one-page checkout for Shopify aims to make it as simple and straightforward as possible for your customers to buy their products. By using a single page, you eliminate navigating through multiple pages and pressing multiple buttons to complete the order because all of the information is directly available immediately. One-page checkouts are not usually the default in online stores, including Shopify, where you can’t currently make your own one-page checkout. However, Shopify’s express checkout options, like Shop Pay and PayPal, can provide a similar experience for your customers without a full conversion to one-page checkouts.

Multi-step checkout processes are the default option for Shopify stores. There’s an initial page that collects customer information, a shipping step where you choose shipping methods, and the payment screen where your payment method is chosen. You’ll need to press “continue” 2 times before placing the order and wait for each screen to load, which may lead to abandoned carts in some cases. 

How Shopify One-Page Checkout Simplifies The Purchasing Experience

shopify one page checkout

If you want your customers to complete their orders, you need to make it as simple as possible for them to check out. Confusing checkout processes can frustrate potential customers and lead to higher abandonment rates that seriously cut into your profitability.

A Shopify one-page checkout is user-friendly because it puts everything in one place. You’ll have contact information, account registration, order details, shipping estimates and rates, payment methods, and more that customers can review immediately. There are no surprises waiting at later steps; every field of information can be accessed, and all the customer has to do is finish placing their order without waiting between screens.

Using One-Page Checkout for Shopify To Increase Conversions

Cart abandonment and conversion rates are essential metrics to keep track of for your business. A high cart abandonment or low conversion rate at checkout means something isn’t satisfying customers, so you’ll need to evaluate the checkout process.

One-page checkout for Shopify stores helps to reduce abandonment by addressing many of the primary reasons customers leave without buying. Approximately 33% of consumers abandon carts due to a lack of upfront pricing or complicated checkout processes. Fortunately, one-page checkout for Shopify addresses both.

When your checkout is a single page, you can’t help but be upfront with all of the checkout information. Every field that customers need to complete is visible and accessible, shipping methods are presented, and payment options are clearly visible to help avoid there being any surprises that push customers away. They’ll also be able to see their total at all times.

A Shopify one-page checkout also allows you to minimize the amount of time it takes to complete the checkout process. A faster checkout process means higher conversion rates, so by limiting the number of pages that need to be loaded and the number of clicks it takes to collect their payment, you’re able to help minimize cart abandonment.

Best Practices For One-Page Checkout on Shopify

one page checkout page

One-page checkout adds a lot of benefits to your checkout process, but it needs to be done the right way to be as effective as possible.

One potential issue that may arise with a singular checkout page is that with so much information in one place, it can get hard to navigate your checkout page. To combat this, you can edit your required checkout fields to only include essential information so that there are fewer elements to navigate. For example, a digital-only store may be able to remove shipping address fields to save room. 

You’ll also want to use conversion rate optimization strategies to help the important elements stick out, including the “place order” button and any upsells or cross-sells you’re using. Adding express checkout options like Shop Pay can make the process even simpler by filling in the customer information to shorten the checkout process even further.

How To Get A Shopify Plus One-Page Checkout

Unfortunately, a one-page checkout for Shopify is not yet ready. It’s currently undergoing testing and is believed to become available to Shopify Plus stores in the near future. In the meantime, you can register for early access on Shopify’s checkout page.

Not sure if a one-page checkout is right for you? Learn more about Shopify’s upcoming feature and begin preparing your strategy using our one-page checkout upgrade guide. While you’re at it, consider if Shopify Plus is worth upgrading to for earlier access to one-page checkout and greater savings on merchant fees.

Add Upsells To Your Shopify One-Page Checkout With UpsellPlus

No matter what kind of checkout process you’re using, you need to take advantage of cross-selling and upselling for Shopify.

UpsellPlus helps you to build effective offers to present to your customers in the cart, checkout, and post-purchase pages. They’ll encourage customers to spend more in your store to increase average order values and provide you with more revenue you can use to grow your business.

Use real customer data and the help of ShopBrain, its algorithm, to build offers that convert. Create offer flows based on customer purchases and place them wherever they perform best based on A/B testing capabilities. Best of all, it works on multi-step and one-page Shopify checkouts.

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