Efficiency and simplicity: the advantages of one-page checkout for Shopify Plus stores

Efficiency and simplicity: the advantages of one-page checkout for Shopify Plus stores

Chris Rausch
September 1, 2023

Shopify’s upcoming one-page checkout process is an exciting development that offers the opportunity to increase conversions, grow revenue, and provide a better customer experience. For many, it’s likely to be the next step in optimizing conversion rates and minimizing cart abandonment.

Not familiar with the best thing since Checkout Extensibility? We’ll show you why you should be excited for Shopify’s one-step checkout.

What is a Shopify one-page checkout?

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As the name suggests, a one-page checkout foregoes the traditional 3 or 4-page system that collects customer information, collects payment, provides shipping options, and reviews the order before submission.

Instead, all of the steps will be concentrated into one page so that they’re immediately visible and accessible without navigating through multiple loading screens, button presses, and pages. The goal of a one-step checkout for Shopify is to shorten the time it takes to complete an order so that sales increase and conversion rates grow.

Who should use a one-step checkout for Shopify Plus stores?

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A one-step checkout can help most store types, but they’re better if your store has a simple checkout system in place already.

A one-page checkout places everything onto a single screen, so it makes it easy for the page to get too cluttered. If your checkout has a lot of elements like order notes, scheduling, advanced delivery options, or full checkout field requirements that can’t be shortened, you may run into issues with user experiences.

One-page checkout for Shopify works great for checkouts that don’t require a lot of information. Digital purchases that can eliminate the shipping fields, express checkout option usage, and straightforward order collection without additional requirements will struggle less with the lack of available space and see the best results with a singular checkout page.

The benefits of Shopify’s one-page checkout

There are a number of benefits for switching to a one-page checkout. They include:


Placing an order shouldn’t be a complicated process. When you’re asking a customer to give you money, your goal is to make it as pain-free as possible so that they’re more likely to actually complete the order. If they have to jump through hoops just to make a purchase, they may end up going somewhere else.

Traditional checkout requires navigating through multiple pages to collect the information it takes to pay for and receive their orders. If they make a mistake, they’ll need to go back and double-check the previous page to find where they went wrong, adding time to the checkout process.

One-page checkout makes everything available without waiting, additional clicks, or limited visibility. You’re asking them to do the bare minimum - enter the required information - and then click one button to complete their order, which is as simple as it can be, increasing the chances of a successful transaction.


Checkout times play a major role in the effectiveness of your checkout process, your conversion rate, and cart abandonment rate. Nobody likes to wait around, and with each passing second, you risk customers changing their minds and leaving, resulting in an abandoned cart. Plus, the longer it takes to complete their order, the less effective conversion rate optimization strategies like FOMO are, further impacting your chances of a successful sale.

One-click checkout for Shopify lets you expedite the process by removing loading time between stages of the checkout process. It also makes the process more mobile-friendly by eliminating multiple pages of navigation so that you can take advantage of every potential customer regardless of their device type.

Overall, a Shopify one-page checkout can cut checkout times in half - a huge benefit for improved conversion rates.


A reason for cart abandonment that you may not expect is a lack of transparency during checkout. Customers don’t want surprises when it comes to their orders, so if your checkout page has multiple steps, it’s easy for additional fees like shipping rates, taxes, or processing fees to be hidden later in the process. According to cart abandonment statistics, a lack of transparency can account for as much as 17% of abandoned carts, which makes a big difference in your revenue.

One-page checkout removes the potential for hidden surprises. Any fees will be shown immediately upon completing the required checkout fields rather than being updated after the customer has already invested time into entering their information, allowing you to minimize the chances of an abandoned cart.

One-page checkout improvements to make for better results

A one-page checkout process gives you the chance to increase conversions and improve customer satisfaction, but you’ll still need to customize it to your needs for the best results.

One improvement you can make is to edit the required checkout fields so that only those that are mandatory are placed on the page. Limiting the number and length of fields helps prevent the page from getting too crowded, making it less intimidating for customers to complete.

You should also aim to offer express checkout options where possible to further expedite the process. Shopify’s Shop Pay, PayPal Express Checkout, and Google Pay are just a few of the options that customers can use to import their information to help save time at checkout.

If your checkout is crowded, using accent colors that stand out for important elements like the order confirmation button or payment details can help guide customers through the important parts of checkout.

Finally, adding upsells and cross-sells to your checkout process is a great way to take advantage of increased conversion rates. With a tool like UpsellPlus, you’re able to increase the average order value on your site by offering discounted add-ons and upgrades throughout the checkout process, including on a one-page checkout.

How to use a one-page checkout For Shopify

Unfortunately, one-page checkout isn’t available for Shopify stores yet. Once it’s ready, Shopify Plus stores are expected to be the first to test out the new feature.

Keep an eye out for updates on the Shopify checkout page and check back here to be the first to know when Shopify’s one-page checkout is ready to go.

Build your ideal checkout with Shopify and Checkout Extensions Plus

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A one-page checkout system is exciting, but it’s not ready yet. In the meantime, and even once the new feature is released, you still need to customize your checkout page to maximize conversions.

Checkout Extensions Plus is a tool that leverages the new Checkout Extensibility checkout system to allow for a wide range of different customizations that let you take control over the look, feel, and function of your site’s most important page. Add elements, customize or remove checkout fields, style and brand your page, edit payment and shipping options, implement custom discounts, and do much more without the need for coding so that you can build a checkout that works for you and provides a positive experience.

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