Customizing checkout - Shopify checkout extensions you need to consider


Chris Rausch


May 8, 2023

Whether you’re a new store looking to start off strong or an existing business that’s looking for ways to improve conversion rates and revenue, your checkout page should be a high-priority item.

Checkout is the most important page on your website because it accomplishes the primary purpose of a business - getting paid. So, you need to be sure that yours is both not preventing you from converting sales, but also helping you to generate more revenue - and you can accomplish this with Shopify checkout extensions.

The importance of customizing checkout

Your business needs to take advantage of every potential sales and conversion rate optimization strategy possible to achieve the best results. If you’re attracting a lot of visitors to your site with effective marketing and getting them through the sales funnel only to have carts abandoned, all of that effort was for nothing.

Shopify’s default checkout page functions well, but it’s not anything that’s going to win you sales - it’s there to act as a framework for you to build your own checkout experience that works for your business.

With a custom checkout, you can work to ensure your checkout page is helping your sales process and improving conversions for greater revenue. Plus, with essential extensions like a Shopify upsell app, you can take advantage of a higher conversion rate to secure high-value sales with improved average order values.

How to customize your checkout page with Shopify checkout extensions

customize Shopify checkout extensions

The right way to customize your Shopify custom checkout page depends on the platform your store is on.

Checkout.liquid is the default Shopify Checkout framework that is used by many stores, especially those that aren’t in the Shopify Plus program. It’s a code-based file within your theme settings that can be manually customized once you request it to be unlocked by Shopify. Or, you can download Shopify checkout extensions through the Shopify App Store to extend functionality.

Checkout Extensibility is the newer framework that will be used once checkout.liquid is deprecated later this year. It’s an app-based system that allows you to add Shopify checkout extensions in the form of apps that can be manually customized without any coding required. There are a wide assortment of different types of apps you can use, including upsell and cross-sell apps, to extend Shopify custom checkout functionality so that you can build a checkout page that works for you.

The 4 essential reasons to customize your Shopify checkout

A custom checkout page that takes advantage of conversion rate optimization strategies can help to increase sales, improve customer satisfaction, and grow your business.

Here are 4 important reasons to create a Shopify custom checkout page.


Shopify checkout app extensions save time

When you’re out at the store and have to wait in line to check out, how does it make you feel?

Nobody likes to wait around to get the products they need - and that includes online purchases. Anything that you can do to shorten the time investment required for customers to complete their purchase helps to increase the chances of completing the sale.

Customizing checkout fields, organizing the elements of your page to be more user-friendly, and optimizing your page speed can all help to lower the risk of customers leaving your page before you can convert the sale.


Your checkout page has a hard job to do - convincing your customers to spend their hard-earned money in your store. Plus, with online sales being much less personal than in-person sales, it becomes even harder to get customers to trust your store enough to enter their information.

When you customize your checkout page, you’re able to make your store seem more trustworthy through social proof, consistent branding, and security assurances. Reviews and testimonials can go a long way towards getting customers to trust you while customized colors, font, and copy that are associated with your brand can help to put customer minds at ease. You could even put your SSL security certificate or the payment methods that you accept on your checkout page


If you want to enjoy the various benefits of returning customers, you need to provide a complete experience at checkout.

Shopify’s default checkout page likely won’t have everything you need to sell your products or provide your services - so it’s your job to create a page that accomplishes everything you need to in a way that’s convenient for customers and burdens them the least.

Shopify checkout extensions can allow you to make vital changes to your checkout page like adding a scheduling interface for booking appointments or scheduling deliveries. Or, you could add a custom note box so that customers can enter gift information at checkout without the need to reach out to them again. 

Alternatively, your Shopify custom checkout may benefit from adding important information like FAQs or shipping information to the order summary section for quick reference and to avoid customers leaving checkout to seek out information elsewhere and making it harder to convert the sale.


checkout extensions Shopify revenue

While there’s a lot that you can do to improve your checkout page’s conversion rates, you’re hurting yourself if you don’t also work to improve your average order value. If you can convince customers to spend more with each purchase, your conversions become even more valuable.

Upselling and cross-selling are the best way to increase revenue at the checkout and post-purchase pages. Their goal is to get customers to upgrade existing orders or add more items to their cart at checkout so that you can increase average order values that make each customer more valuable.

A Shopify upsell app that allows you to build your own cross-sells and upsells lets you make the most of your Shopify custom checkout page. With an optimized checkout page and high-quality offers, you can put yourself in a position to convert more customers, increase AOV, and generate more revenue.

UpsellPlus - your upselling Shopify checkout extension

UpsellPlus is your all-in-one upsell and cross-sell app for Shopify. With it, you can take advantage of the benefits of a Shopify custom checkout to generate more revenue from existing sales. 

UpsellPlus allows you to create custom offers using logic, smart recommendations, A/B testing, and in-depth data. You can put these offers in a wide range of positions, including on the checkout and post-purchase pages to give you the highest conversion rate possible so that your AOV and revenue grow.

Add upsells and cross-sells to your custom checkout page today with a 7-day free trial.

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