How to customize your Shopify checkout: Checkout Extensibility

How to customize your Shopify checkout: Checkout Extensibility

Chris Rausch
June 24, 2023

An effective checkout process is crucial for converting as many customers as possible and avoiding abandoned carts. Your checkout page shouldn’t just work - you need to customize your checkout page to fit your business, brand, and needs while implementing conversion rate optimization strategies to make it more efficient.

Fortunately, Checkout Extensibility from Shopify gives you the ability to make necessary changes to your checkout. We’ll show you how to customize your checkout page in Shopify Checkout Extensibility with the help of the right checkout extensions and Branding API.

How to customize checkout pages in Shopify Checkout Extensibility

customize checkout extensibility

Shopify Checkout Extensibility makes it easier than ever to customize your checkout pages. It’s app-based as opposed to code-based like the previous iteration checkout.liquid, so you don’t have to risk breaking your checkout page with code anytime you want to make changes or Shopify updates breaking your checkout page. Best of all, you don’t need to have coding experience to make many changes - just Checkout Extensibility and the right apps, like Checkout Extensions Plus, for your Shopify custom checkout.

Not currently upgraded to Checkout Extensibility? Our Checkout Extensibility migration service can help you transfer your checkout experience from checkout.liquid to the future-proof platform so that you can minimize downtime and disruptions while maintaining essential functionality.

4 ways in Shopify to customize a checkout page


Branding is an important element of your checkout process. Customers want a uniform experience from the store through checkout, so making customizations that match your brand tone, art style, and color scheme can make your checkout page more inviting.

Updating your branding with Checkout Extensibility is made more convenient thanks to the Branding API offered by Shopify. While it requires coding knowledge, you’re able to use code to change the style of your checkout page past what’s offered in the checkout editor and maintain uniformity across various components. You can assign styling for heading fonts, header positioning, button designs, field colors, and many more values so that they apply uniformly for a consistent experience. You can even create multiple profiles so that it’s easy for you to test different approaches without making all of the changes manually.

If you’re not working with a developer, Checkout Extensibility’s checkout editor allows for limited customization of colors, logo position, background images, and fonts so that you can still make your checkout match your branding. However, you’ll have to assign all of the values manually through the interface, and certain elements like button styling aren’t available natively.

Adding content

Shopify’s default checkout page has everything necessary to complete a purchase - but that doesn’t mean it’s helping you convert sales.

Your Shopify custom checkout page needs to provide all the information a customer may need and help convince them to complete their purchase. Trust elements like reviews or badges reassure your customers that you can be trusted. FAQs like return policies or warranties prevent customers from leaving the checkout to help avoid abandoned carts. Banners or notifications like reminders about free shipping thresholds are also useful additions to your checkout page. It’s also important to be careful not to overload your checkout page with elements to where it’s hard for customers to checkout.

If you want to make these changes without coding, a checkout customization app like Checkout Extensions Plus can help. Use it to add content to different locations on your checkout page, add additional fields, and more.

Checkout field customization

Checkout fields are essential for collecting customer information so that you know who is buying, where to ship, and what payment method to charge. Some businesses may want to remove unnecessary fields or add new fields for details like order notes, but you can’t edit the fields natively.

Checkout Extensions Plus gives you the option to customize the criteria and contents of your checkout fields. Add new fields for gift messages, secure opt-ins or require signatures with checkboxes, and edit your existing fields so that your checkout process works for your business. You’ll also be able to limit checkout field lengths and store the data in metafields for seamless order integration.

Upsells and cross-sells

cross-sells and upsells for Shopify

Every online store should be working to maximize revenue and grow average order values. When customers spend more with each purchase, you can begin to spend more on marketing to grow your business - and upsells and cross-sells are a simple addition that raises AOV in your custom checkout.

Upsells are offers that you make to customers at the cart, checkout, or post-purchase pages. They either offer an upgrade or an additional product on top of the item the buyer is already purchasing so that they buy more from you. It’s important to create offers that are relevant to the original item being purchased, like a case for a phone or a BOGO deal, to increase the odds of converting the upsell or cross-sell.

UpsellPlus simplifies adding upsells and cross-sells to your checkout process through custom offer builders, conditional logic, AI recommendations, and advanced analytics that help you build effective strategies that convert.

Customize your Shopify checkout page with UpsellPlus and Checkout Extensions Plus

Shopify Checkout Extensibility is a significant improvement over checkout.liquid when you want to customize your Shopify checkout page. Through the Branding API and added checkout extensions like Checkout Extensions Plus, you’re able to tailor your checkout experience by changing colors, font, positioning, components, and more to maximize conversions while maintaining uniformity. Plus, the addition of upsells and cross-sells with UpsellPlus allows you to make the most of your improved checkout process by increasing the revenue each successful conversion generates.

Two apps can simplify the process of customizing your checkout page. Get started with a 7-day free trial for UpsellPlus and Checkout Extensions Plus today.

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