Shopify selects UpsellPlus as a Checkout Extensibility launch partner


Jaap Vergote


October 3, 2022

In June 2022, Shopify announced Checkout Extensibility, a new way to customize the checkout for Shopify Plus merchants.

This enables Shopify Plus merchants to customize their checkout without needing to add custom code to the checkout.liquid file in their themes. All checkout customizations will integrate closer into the Shopify store architecture, and will be easier to configure with a drag and drop checkout editor.

Since June, our team has been testing this functionality in developer preview. After reviewing and testing our app, the Shopify Checkout team selected UpsellPlus to partner on launching this new functionality.

Here is a loom video
showing what this new experience to customize the checkout looks like.

As a Launch Partner, we are the first and most closely integrated solution for checkout upsells in the Shopify ecosystem. You can sleep tight, you've got the latest, greatest, and safest tech built for Plus scale.

shopify plus checkout upsellplus
The best checkout you can have

From the Shopify Checkout team:

The gradual roll out of Checkout UI Extensions to Plus merchants will begin on October 3 to a selected set of merchants. Merchants will be able to discover apps with Checkout UI extensions via the checkout editor. …we will be ramping up the availability of Checkout UI Extensions to the Plus merchant base and also increasing the volume of marketing around this new capability. We expect this to complete over about 6 weeks or so…”

If you haven’t received any communication from Shopify on the new Checkout Extensibility, don’t worry! The rollout will happen in phases and you’ll have access in the next couple of weeks.

More on Checkout Extensions:

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