Optimizing conversion rates: the power of Shopify Plus one-page checkout


Chris Rausch


September 28, 2023

Maximizing your conversion rates should be a top priority for any business. You go through a lot to get your customers to the finish line, but if you can’t seal the deal, it was all for nothing.

Fortunately, it’s much cheaper to implement conversion rate optimization strategies than acquire new customers, so you’ll want to use any advantage possible to convert more leads.

With the exciting expansion of the new Shopify one-page checkout to more stores every week, there’s no better time to learn about the benefits of this major feature. Keep reading to find out how you can improve conversions with a one-click checkout.

What is one-page checkout for Shopify stores?

Convenience is an essential element of the checkout process. If you’re convincing people to part with their hard-earned money, you need to create as little friction as possible so that there are fewer opportunities for them to change their minds.

A one-page checkout, also known as a one-click checkout, provides the opportunity to make your checkout as painless as possible. It combines all of the traditional checkout steps, including billing, shipping, and payment, into a single step. Customers no longer have to navigate between various pages – it’s all in one place.

3 ways Shopify’s one-page checkout optimizes conversion rates

one page checkout conversion rate optimization

The goal of a Shopify one-page checkout is to be as streamlined as possible to help improve conversion rates that allow your store to generate more revenue for free, similar to upsell apps for Shopify.

Here are three ways that a one-click checkout for Shopify can optimize your checkout process for more conversions, higher revenue, and greater customer satisfaction.

Minimizes checkout times

It’s no secret that customers hate waiting around. If you’re grocery shopping, do you choose the line with three people or the empty line? Do you prefer tapping to pay instead of counting out cash or having to enter your debit PIN every time? If you have a choice, you’re going to pick the simpler checkout process every time – and your customers have that choice in your competitors.

Shopify’s one-page checkout shortens checkout times in three major ways:

  • Fewer clicks: As a business, your goal is to ask as little as possible of the customer when it comes to checkout. If they have to click through multiple pages, that adds time and effort – two things customers hate to spend when trying to buy something. Fortunately, there’s only one click required with a one-page checkout: the button to complete the order.
  • No loading screens: The average online consumer attention span is 8 seconds. If your loading screens are cutting into that time at all, you’re hurting your chances of conversion. One-click checkouts only require the initial loading time for your page. Once it’s loaded, there’s no more waiting – customers can complete their order immediately without additional loading screens.
  • Complete information visibility: It’s helpful for customers to know exactly what is required to complete checkout from the start so that they can quickly navigate through the process. With a one-page checkout, customers don’t have to wait to see what’s waiting on the next checkout step. All the information is readily available and can be entered simply without waiting around or guessing.

A faster checkout process is one of the best things you can do for your conversion rates, but it's not everything.

Improves checkout visibility

Transparency is an underrated element of checkout pages. Your customers want to know exactly what to expect when it comes to the financial side of their purchase. Surprises are never a good thing when they cost them money, which is why multi-step checkouts can be a cause of as many as 17% of abandoned carts when they’re not straightforward with shipping information or final costs.

Using a one-page checkout for Shopify ensures that all of the important information is presented from the start. As a result, customers may be more likely to complete their orders and less likely to feel that their time was wasted due to hidden information.

Optimizes mobile experiences

Mobile purchases accounted for 42% of e-commerce sales in 2022. Shopify checkouts are optimized for mobile by default, but one-page checkouts take it a step further. They combine all of the steps into a single page so that your customers can simply scroll through the process instead of tapping between screens, making it much easier to complete checkout more quickly.

How to get started with Shopify’s one-page checkout

one page checkout shopify

If you’re excited to see what a one-click checkout for Shopify can do for you, you’re in luck. The new feature is officially live for Shopify Plus stores and a number of non-Plus stores.

You’ll need the Checkout Extensibility upgrade to get started. Once you have the feature available, you can make the switch by going to your settings, choosing the checkout ribbon, and clicking “customize” to reach the checkout customization page. From here, click the gear to access settings, scroll down until you see “checkout layout,” and then switch to one-page checkout for Shopify.

For more information, check out our one-page checkout quickstart guide.

Optimize one-page checkout for Shopify further with Checkout Extensions Plus

Upgrading to a Shopify one-click checkout can help you improve your conversion rates by making it simpler and faster to complete a purchase. However, this switch alone isn’t enough to optimize your checkout process. There are other factors to consider that contribute to conversion rates that will need to be addressed to maximize your results.

Building trust is crucial in online sales. A default checkout page doesn’t instill confidence in customers, so you’ll need to bolster your checkout page with customizations to prove you’re the right choice.

Your checkout also needs to answer any questions or objections customers may have so that you can avoid them leaving the checkout page to seek out answers. Once they leave, it’s much harder to get them back into your sales funnel.

Fortunately, Checkout Extensions Plus makes it easy to make the customizations you need to build a custom, trustworthy, and effective checkout page that converts. The app simplifies branding by enabling page-wide style changes, adding trust elements like badges or testimonials, addressing FAQs, customizing checkout fields to collect complete order information, and much more.

Checkout Extensions Plus is the perfect complement to a one-page checkout. See how this winning combination can increase conversions, drive more revenue, and grow your business with a free 7-day trial.

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