The Art of Personalization: Enhancing Your Shopify Checkout Experience


Chris Rausch


July 13, 2023

You’ve spent hours, days, and weeks building your website, creating marketing campaigns to generate traffic, and fine-tuning your catalog to begin selling. But is your checkout page, the most important part of your site, up to par?

Without checkout, there’s no sale. The checkout experience that your customers have controls whether you earn a profit or lose a lead, so building the most effective checkout page possible is crucial to your online business’s success.

The best way to ensure your checkout isn’t costing you money is to customize and personalize the experience so that it helps you instead of hurting you.

The Benefits Of Personalizing Your Checkout Experience

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Personalizing your checkout experience works to help your business succeed by making it easier and less stressful to checkout. When you provide a positive experience at checkout, customers are less likely to abandon their carts due to safety concerns or a lack of trust. They’re also less likely to get frustrated with the user interface, checkout fields, and requirements for completing the transaction. 

By personalizing the checkout process on your site, you can improve your customer experience, conversion rates, and revenue. 

7 Personalizations To Enhance Your Shopify Custom Checkout

Ready to start personalizing your checkout? Here are 7 ways to upgrade it.

Changing Checkout Text

There’s a lot of text in your Shopify checkout, including default text native to Shopify, that you may not expect to be able to edit. Some examples include the “or” separator between express checkout and standard checkout options or the verbiage on the navigation buttons that move customers between steps.

Fortunately, you can change these text elements - and many others - to fit your brand or clarify instructions to improve the customer experience.

To make changes to the text in your checkout, navigate to your Shopify settings, choose “language,” and then select “change theme language” under the “default language” section. From here, you can search for the various elements of your native Shopify text, including checkout text, and customize it to whatever you want.

Customizing Branding

Checkout is an extension of the rest of your site, so it makes sense that your checkout page is branded in the same way. Shopify’s default checkout page may allow you to collect a payment, but it doesn’t drive conversions in the way that you need to for the best revenue generation possible.

Customize your branding at checkout with colors, images, and text that reflect your business. You can add a logo or banner to the top, change the background color, adjust the font, and edit button styling to turn the default page to something that fits you.

You can make many of these changes by navigating to your theme’s checkout editor at Settings > Checkout > Checkout customization and making the relevant changes. Additional branding may also be completed using a checkout extension for Checkout Extensibility, like Checkout Extensions Plus, which enables you to use the Branding API from Shopify.

Editing Checkout Fields

Your checkout fields collect all the necessary information to complete the sale and secure your revenue. They’re an important part of the customer experience because they take the most time to complete, so making them as simple and straightforward as possible can go a long way toward improving conversion rates.

Using a tool like Checkout Extensions Plus, you’re able to add, remove, and edit your checkout fields through Checkout Extensibility. This includes adding a field for scheduling deliveries or gift notes, removing physical shipping addresses for digital orders, and various styling changes that make them more useful as part of your checkout experience.

Adding Trust Elements

Trust is a crucial element of online business. When building your checkout experience, it’s important that you personalize it so that your customers feel comfortable completing their purchases. You can accomplish this through the inclusion of trust elements like reviews, testimonials, security badges, and other elements that give customers peace of mind.

Checkout Extensions Plus enables custom elements to be added at multiple locations on the checkout page, allowing you to build high-converting checkout pages that reassure customers.

Adding Important Information and FAQs

It’s crucial that you’re able to keep customers in the checkout process once they’ve reached it. Nearly 70% of carts are abandoned - and every time a customer needs to leave to get additional information, you risk them becoming another statistic.

One easy way to minimize abandoned carts or bounces from the checkout page is to include important information directly on the page. FAQs like shipping information, return policies, warranties, and other common questions customers may ask can be answered mid-checkout to help drive the conversion through the end.

Again, an add-on like Checkout Extensions Plus makes this easy to accomplish.

Adding Upsells and Cross-Sells

Personalizing your checkout isn’t just about making it look good - it’s also about making it work better for your business. Your checkout page should both help drive conversions and grow your average order values so that you can generate greater revenue - two things that upsells and cross-sells excel at.

Upsells and cross-sells include discounted offers for upgrades on existing products or complementary products that encourage customers to spend more. With a tool like UpsellPlus, you’re able to create custom offers using logic and AI recommendations, place them anywhere in the checkout process, and track their effectiveness to help refine your approach.

Converting To A Shopify One-Page Checkout

With Shopify’s recent announcement about the inclusion of one-page checkout options for Shopify stores, you’ve got another customization to consider. One-page checkouts allow you to remove the multi-step process of traditional Shopify checkouts to help save time, minimize loading, and improve information accessibility for a better customer experience.

One-page checkout for Shopify isn’t ready yet, but keep an eye on our blog and Shopify’s checkout page for updates.

Build A Personalized Checkout With Checkout Extensions Plus and UpsellPlus

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A personalized checkout is essential to making a good impression with your checkout process. It may be intimidating to get started, but there are Shopify checkout extensions that make it easy.

Checkout Extensions Plus allows you to take advantage of the added customization offered by Checkout Extensibility without any coding experience required. You can add, remove, and edit various elements, including checkout fields, to create a personalized experience.

UpsellPlus enables upsells and cross-sells for your Shopify store to help grow average order values and generate more revenue. You can use logic to create offers that are always relevant, build offer flows that drive conversions, and test each offer with A/B testing to figure out what works best.

Get started with a 7-day free trial for both UpsellPlus and Checkout Extensions Plus today.

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